Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day 13: Rhine Castles and Koblenz.   The first part of the day today we sat on the top deck of the boat, drank coffee, sat in the sunshine and sailed past 22 castles.  All the while, the program directors gave us a running commentary on the juicy stories associated with the families who built them. We took a million pictures and won't remember which is what, but it doesn't matter because it was lots of fun and very relaxing.  After lunch we took a walking tour of the town of Koblenz in the pouring rain.  We headed for our cable car ride to a fortification and the sun came out.  Mom and I walked around, then made an executive decision.... we would go back to the ship, get a manhattan from the bar, take showers and relax!  It was great!  One of the best parts of the second half of this trip has been the walking and observing time.  Usually families are out having fun together while we are walking back to our ship.  Hopefully I will be able to post pictures soon so you can see what I mean.