Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day 10: Wertheim Today is the first day off we have had.  We had nothing to do and nowhere to go, although we did have a morning walking tour of the town.  It was very cool that the ship docked right at the edge of town so we could go into the city and then wander back to the boat many times during the day.  You could really get a lot of shopping done without realizing it, because you could dump off your bags and keep on shopping!  They had a euro store (dollar store), a terrific grocery store, and lovely outdoor cafes which were just perfect for trying the different brewers types of beer.... pilsner, wheat and land ...... today the pilsner won. This is a glass blowing city.  We had a wonderful demonstration by a very well known glassblower on the boat, then we saw the the shop of the glassblower in the town.  Some serious shopping happened in the glass shops :-)

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