Monday, June 18, 2012

Well, we have had an exciting couple of days!! We got to the airport in plenty of time,thanks to Dick. We had seats opposite each other on the isle. We had free wine... Mom was able to sleep, but I could not. We met so many adorable people. Our favorite people in the "surviving the trip over" category were: .... the 15 month old beautiful, adorable girl that will be building space stations as soon as she reaches her teens. .... the adorable boy from Hungary, who just finished his freshman year at Univ. of Oregon with a scholarship on the tennis team. He was the first person to tell us our luggage probably wasn't going to make it out of Charles de Gaulle... he was sooo right. The people, the food and the accommodations are wonderful and we are having so much fun!! Tomorrow we move on to Melk and maybe we will get our suitcases! :-)

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