Saturday, June 30, 2012

Day 12:  Mainz and Rudesheim.  Today we went to Mainz.  It was very different front the other towns in that it is a successful mix of Gothic, Baroque and ultra modern architectures.  Mom and I were in different groups.  She got a great guide and I got one that was not so good.  Then we got back on the boat, ate lunch and travelled to Rudesheim.  Mom watched the demo on making apple strudel.  I stayed in the cabin and read my book (read that... took a nap).  We arrived in Rudesheim in time to take a train to a restaurant, where we ate and drank, then watched the sad demise of the German team. One exciting update to my yoyo-ing education..... I can throw the yoyo out in front of me and catch it! I feel pretty darn good about that!!

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  1. We are going to call you YoYo Ma for yoyo master:D