Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day 7: Nuremburg

Day 7:  Nuremburg For some of you the name Nuremburg is vaguely familiar.  Especially if you are an old movie buff, this city will ring a bell.  But many will not remember that this city was the site of the Nuremburg trials of the Nazi leaders from WWII. The city still lives in the shadow of their  past.   We saw a building honoring Hitler, which was under construction at the time of WWII but never finished, left as a dump rather than a rallying point for Neo-Nazi groups.  Our guide said that the largest groups they teach at the Nuremburg memorial center are students and military personnel.  The military are requiured to be educated in all parts of military history.  We were taken on a bus tour around the city by a very witty, very knowledgeable, local guide.  We also visited the courtroom used for the trials of the highest ranking prisoners of war.  Our guide said the movie, The Trial at Nuremburg, with Spencer Tracy, is an extremely accurate account of the trial. They played it on the ship last night and it was startling. Today is Mom and Dad's anniversary.  It has been a little tough for Mom, but as you all know, Mom is not a whiner and she never let on.  Another couple was celebrating their anniversary and asked us to sit at their table and share a bottle of champagne. We also toasted Mom and Dad, which was nice.  There was dancing in the lounge this evening and Mom danced with one  of the gentlemen on the ship.  I think that really made her happy.  She came back to the cabin smiling from ear to ear. Everyone on the ship loves Mom.  They all admire her spirit and grit.  They look at her age and say, "wow, If Jeanne can do it, so can I!" This also goes for me!

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  1. I love you and wish we could all be there for hugs and kisses.